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  • Assam air Products Pvt. Ltd. (AAPPL) is dedicated to establish and maintain the quality in providing services to a variety of sectors like Oil & gas, Industries, Healthcare, Research and development, etc.
  • AAPPL is committed to maintain product quality. Product quality is important to our customers’ process performance and also to customer safety and health.
  • A good example of where product quality is critical is our healthcare business. Our medical gases, used by hospitals and respiratory oxygen patients, are subject to strict handling, testing and record-keeping requirements.
  • AAPPL is committed to total customer satisfaction by providing solutions from concept to completion at par with highest international standards.
  • AAPPL has unstinted commitment to Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence in all areas of business and strives for ongoing improvements in all activities by enhancing skills of all employees through Training and Motivation.
  • AAPPL is committed to implement, maintain and continuously improve Quality Management System.

HSE Policy

Assam Air Products Pvt. Ltd (AAPPL) is committed to prevent accidents, injuries, and occupational illness and continuously seek to reduce the risk of damage to the environment and property by using material, machine and services that are not harmful to human health, safety or environment.

AAPPL will conduct its activities in such a manner so as to :-

  • Take into account health and safety of all its employees, contractors, suppliers and third parties who may be affected by its operations.
  • Use the natural resources efficiently, reduce waste and prevent pollution to protect the environment.
  • Operate all equipment, plant and machinery in accordance with standard operating procedure provided by manufacturer.
  • Comply with the requirement of applicable laws, legislations and regulations for performance in health, safety and environment matters.
  • Provide necessary training for all staff to permit them to do their work in safe and efficient manner.
  • Review policies and procedures on health, safety and environment whenever necessary and implement required changes promptly.
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